Brother PC Connectable Label Maker PTP700


At Out of Ink, we like to give our printers names. It makes it a lot easier to remember, instead of having to memorise all those model numbers! 

Bennet is a high speed label printer that gets the job done quickly, making an excellent addition to any office. Connect Bennet directly to your PC or Mac via USB, and start creating labels from a wide range of design templates. Bennet also comes equipped with existing fonts, images, graphics, and frames for creating your own designs, and he features barcode printing.

Key Qualities

  • PC Connectable
  • Supports up to 24mm TZe tape
  • Auto Full Cutter
  • 30 mm / sec
  • 180dpi
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • 4 Year Warranty


  • BTZEFX631
  • BTZES231
  • BTZES241

For more information on Bennet, check out the Brother Website here!

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