Brother PTD600 Desktop Label Maker


At Out of Ink, we like to give our printers names. It makes it a lot easier to remember, instead of having to memorise all those model numbers! 

Blakely is a versatile label maker that allows you to connect to a PC or Mac for even greater control over your designs. Enjoy fast printing, a wider keyboard, and a colour LCD screen when creating professional labels with Blakely.

Key Qualities

  • Auto-cutter
  • 30 mm / sec
  • 180dpi
  • 180 x 360dpi in high resolution mode 
  • USB Interface
  • 4 Year Warranty


  • BTZ141
  • BTZE135
  • BTZE222
  • BTZE334
  • BTZE531
  • BTZES231
  • BTZES241

For more information on Blakely, check out the Brother Website here!

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